University degree as a teacher in secondary school for English and physical education

  • Training program at Boehringer Mannheim with an official exam and degree „geprüfter Pharmareferent“ (qualified medical representative)
  • Almost 5 years work experience in the field as medical represenative selling mainly pharmaceuticals but also point of care diagnostics in southern Germany.
  • First expatriate placement with Boehringer Mannheim India for 4 years as General Manager Special Services Diabetes Care & Training. Responsibility for a Special Services Sales Force of 32.
  • Returning to Roche Diagnostics (took over BM) as Marketing Manager Point of Care Cardiac Markers/TropT/CardiacReader. World wide responsibility!
  • Taking management training courses in Switzerland and France as Roche Diagnostics Manager.
  • Second expatriate placement with Roche Diagnostics in Indianapolis, USA as Marketing Manager Point of Care Drugs of Abuse Tests. World wide responsibility!
  • Returning to Roche Diagnostics in Mannheim as Market Research Manager
  • In November 2002 changing the employer to HUMAN Diagnostics GmbH in Wiesbaden as International Sales Manager with changing country responsibilities during almost 18 years at HUMAN. Extensive worldwide business travel with focus on developing and emerging markets. I had business travels to a total of 150 countries.
  • Third expatriate placement as Director HUMAN Diagnostics Latin America in Panama City from 2012 to 2016. Responsibility to build up and start the new regional office of HUMAN with responsibility for Latin American and Carribbean countries and a technical team of 2 engineers at the Panama office.