Consulting Portfolio

  • Seminars for groups
  • Individual coaching
  • Specific project consulting
  • Cultural presentations & efficient preparation of business trips
  • Designing/Review of business plans
  • Coaching on the job as a personal business trip guide

Some Quotes/Topics in line of:

  • International Sales (general) – How to achieve a top performance?

„There is no substitute for good attitude!“
„Build up competence!“
„Leave your comfort zone!“
„Rationalize and overcome your fears!“
„Go the extra mile!“
“Avoid the big mistake: never to go far enough out of fear to go to far once”

This session builds on personal experience over 35 years and identifies blocks to top performance which must be removed!

  • International Sales Medical Diagnostics – How to find your distributor?

„search via multible channels!“
„keep your eyes and ears always open!“
„the first interview!“
„prioritize selection criteria wisely!“
„essential prerequisites for distributor applicant!“
„don‘t promise too much or play down the level of required hard work!“
„ask for a business plan!“
„the role of gut-feeling!“
„starting support?“

  • International Sales Medical Diagnostics – How to manage your intl. Distributor?

„give new distributor full attention and support until he succeeds or you will give up on him!“
„every country has good people, who are as good as you are!“
„show real empathy and appreciation for their culture!“
„don‘t give up on your own principles!“
„build a trusting relationsship!“
„training requirements!“
„keep your eyes on the money!“
„personally spot-check realities in the market concerning competition and  pricing!“
„countries are different!“

  • International Sales Medical Diagnostics – Learn from graphic personal success stories on 4 continents! (without telling company secrets)
  • International Marketing Medical Diagnostics – Need for country specific market information!

„providing country specific market information through personal global network!“